When Will LATAM Challengers Come Into Play?

Only six weeks remain in the Call of Duty Challengers 2021 season before the curtains close. In its second year since the franchise switch, Call of Duty Challengers remains online for its regionalised tournaments (NA, EU, APAC), but the question lies between LATAM, when will they join the grassroots of Call of Duty esports officially?

LATAM Challengers (Latin America) are competing behind closed doors. They’re one of few regions that do not have Call of Duty Challengers tournaments catered to them. However, the LATAM Call of Duty scene is never quiet as they have open tournaments courtesy of Blink Esports and regionalised tournaments in the following:

  • Colombia

Some LATAM players have found themselves battling against other players based in the NA region to get their chances within the official Call of Duty Challengers rotation. In January 2021, Mexican-based roster Team SMOG participated in the Challengers Cup #3. Team SMOG faced “WhateverItTakes”, a roster combined of FaZe Clan OG Censor, Apox, Hunt and Brack. The team went on to win with a 3–1 victory over the NA favourites, but then fell in WR7 against WestR.

Team SMOG’s winning round against Censor’s team in January

I spoke to Mexican CoD player, Clamp to get his take on what LATAM Challengers would mean to him and the players behind the scenes: “Having a Challengers LATAM system would be great for us: “We would have a reason to keep playing every day to get better, win and get recognised.”

“There’s a lot of talent here and we would be forever grateful if we get the chance to have our own LATAM Challengers…we need a chance to prove our passion and worth.”

Will Challengers introduce LATAM to their rotation?

The question still remains unanswered, but hints have been on the rise in recent months. The competition Operations Manager at Activision Blizzard has recognised the region and their urgency.

I’d personally love to see LATAM introduced to the Call of Duty Challengers season. Since the franchise, the amateur grassroots of Call of Duty esports has now been given their own platform to showcase their talent amongst the regions and as we edge closer to the third season, I think it would be a good idea to showcase more global talent — especially whilst we’re still online.

Who knows what is yet to come, but we stick with you LATAM Challengers!



That typical esports writer. Covering Call of Duty, Rocket League & general esports. Twitter: @alishalmao

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Alisha Wicks

That typical esports writer. Covering Call of Duty, Rocket League & general esports. Twitter: @alishalmao